A stylized character | Low Poly


A stylized character  | Low Poly

Can be used for your study , texture painting ,study my low poly version -game topology- and the maps that it comes with to help you to make fantastic textures and use the model later for games and animation.

FBX file: include two versions , Lowpoly Quads and Lowpoly Tris
OBJ file: include two versions , Lowpoly Quads and Lowpoly Tris
Maya File: include two versions , mb and ma
Maps: Size: 4096*4096 , Extension: png
Map Types: Normal , AO , Curvature, Position, Thickness, WorldSpace, ID, UVs
Tris Count: 54688
Pose: only comes with T pose
Applications Version:  Maya 2020.3

Note: If you would like to reduce the Poly count,  please don't forget to turn on the Preserve UVs option in the Tool Settings Editor for any of the transform tools you are using. By turning on this option, Maya automatically transforms UVs in the UV space relative to the transformations taking place in the scene view. 

PS: Preserve option is available in all 3D packages as far as I know, so you don't have to worry if you are using Maya or Max for example!

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