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" Roots / The African "

In the end of 2010 Somalia suffered a crisis famine , I felt much pain about what happened.
As an artist I see that I must make something to reflect what bothering me internally and express to the tragedy!
I created this Art work " Roots / The African " As an old African leader ,I tried to describe the message to the whole world through the African sight.
As you see that I painted him as an earth looking and the background is the space , I want to say that we shouldn't forget the Mother Africa , the Roots of everywhere ales.
we should help Africans not just by sending foods or go there for few days and take some photos with poor African kids but by giving something really honest which is real love , because if we feel that we are the same and we all connected by each other , I think this time everything gonna be okay.
lets get back to our humanity and do what ever it takes to give Africans hope that Africa will return to life again and they could have the good life they always seeking for.