The design of fantasy monsters is always underestimated, and this kind of creature design is always my favorite!
when I was studying in Canada , I got inspired from so many artists .. Many artists that time were making orcs, monsters and the famous Hell Boy :)
so few years ago I decided to give myself a try and try to made a fictional ogre from the ancient era!

My main aim is to build a complex creature design ,focusing on anatomy and surface details
Some of the assets were build in ZBrush directly the retopo. in 3D Coat and some were built directly in Maya with clean topo then added the surfaces details in ZBrush
PS: I used different workflows to make the surface details , one of them was to build a clean mesh in Maya then make a clean UVs, and take the mesh to the foundry Mari to project some textures and convert to Black and White , then take the texture file as an alpha in zbrush and use it to detail the mesh surface ,, the good thing about this workflow that its very fast and the details in the end will match the texture painting!

S/W: Maya , ZBrush , 3D Coat ,Mari ,Photoshop and UVs Layout.